Android Poker USA

Poker has gained in popularity since the launch of online casinos due to some players finding playing against other players rather intimidating.  The sites listed on this page are highly suggested due to the quality of games available for Android mobile devices as well as the variety of available games.  American players can select to play against other players with a live dealer or alternatively play simulated games with excellent winning odds.  Whatever your tastes in game play, you will find the perfect game for you right here at one of these sites.  These sites are the best available sites for American players.

All about Mobile Poker

Poker has been around as long as the history of the Wild West.  The first recorded game was played in 1829 and spread like wildfire all across America to become one of the most popular games played by frontier people.  Riverboats travelled up and down the Mississippi on which gambling was a common pastime and caused the game to gain even more popularity.  Today, this game is played in casinos all over the world.  There are different versions of this game which are all popular with different players.

Different Variants of Online Poker

The three most popular variants of poker is draw, stud and community card.  Each of these variants has different versions.

Draw poker – These are games in which players are dealt a complete hand which is hidden initially which players can improve by replacing cards.  The most famous version of this is Five-card draw.

Stud poker – In this version, each player receives a combination of face-up and down cards in multiple betting rounds.  The most common of these are Seven- and Five-card stud.

Community card poker – Players are dealt incomplete hidden hands which are then combined with shared face-up cards.  Texas and Omaha Hold’em are the most popular versions of this variant of poker as well as the most popular versions played in casinos.

Playing Poker on Android Mobile

The popularity of this game grew in leaps and bounds when online casinos introduced it in their repertoire of games.  It also became a spectator sport with the introduction of hole-card cameras.  The technology used in this have been improved on so much that players can now play live games via their mobile devices from wherever they are!  The Android mobile devices are by far some of the best intelligent mobile devices available which means American players can play live games of any of the popular variants of poker against other live players and still have the ability to keep abreast of the action and have a clear display of the dealer, the hand held and any other events displayed on the screen.  The vivid display coupled with the impressive processing speed gives players a feeling of being involved in live real money casino games in person.

The Best Poker Sites for Android

American Android casino players will find these highly suggested sites listed on this page to be the best possible sites available to them.  Enjoy the advantage your Android mobile and these sites offer you by playing a few hands of highly entertaining poker right now!